In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful



His Honorable/ the Prime Minister

With respect

The present Sudanese element known as the Arabian tribes in Darfur, inside Sudan, from Arabic groups that had entered Sudan in the fifteen Century AD, this element regardless of its different tribes, it belong to one origin.

These tribes have settled in two areas in Darfur region, the first group settled in South Darfur province, which represent eighty percent (80%) of the province area, the others were in northern Darfur province, which include great part of its north, centre, west and east, this area cover fifty five percent (55%) of the province, and the Arab tribes represents more than seventy percent (70%) of the population in Darfur at present.

Since it entered Sudan, the Arab tribes had played great role in the formation of image and character of this region in the past centuries, because the Arabs in this part from our home land are the creators of the civilization, that formed the effective really existence for this region, whether in ruling, religion and language, which had great role in formation of the present Sudan, they were the defender and the flash of Mahadi revolution, they courageously defended and died for this Sudan, as they participated in the political stability, economical and social progress, culture and civilization development during the past periods in Sudan generally and Darfur in particular, by these we confirmed and would like emphasized that we preserved and hold with great faith the unity of this country and protect it at all time rejecting all causes of separation and disperse.

Honorable/ Prime minister

The scholars, who study world system of governance, usually define local government in many ways, all of which means decentralization, and authorization aiming at creating political administration and political changes in the state structure.

The entrustment of any region, politically and administratively to population of that region within the national framework,  Darfur region which include eighty four (84) tribes is one of Sudanese regions where its population is seeking to participate in ruling of their region, as long as each tribe posses abundant number of eligible leaders, if that means the concept of local governance, that the administration of a region is to be given to population of that region, where participation of each tribe depends on the number of eligible leaders in that tribe.  Therefore we as Arabs, we were stripped from our right in leading this region and the participation in decision making, and we became majority without weight, and followers not citizen, although we represent the following:

1.               Seventy percent (70%) of population of this region.

2.               Educated people among us represent more than forty percentages (40%) from the total representation of this region, among them hundreds who do have Sudanese certificates.

3.               We participate with not less than fifteen percent (15%) in the national income.

4.               We participate with more than ninety percent (90%) in the income of the region.

5.               We participated with lion share with our children in the Sudanese army; we sacrifice with them for this country.

6.               Politically we had presented fourteen representatives to the parliament, they truly represent the Arabic element, and we also greatly participated in presenting eighteen elements to the parliament.


Mr. President

All above mentioned facts ensure the political, economic and social strength of these tribes in this region; accordingly we are requesting to be represented by half of the constitutional post in the regional government and the central government as a minimum number.

Accordingly, we are afraid that the continuation of this negligence to Arabic elements in the participation that things may slip away from wise among us to the hand of ignorance then there could occurred what could not be praised because injustice from a relative is much destructive than a sword.

In the end we are assuring all Sudanese citizens that we are not calling to cause difference and despair but we are seekers of justice and equality.


Long live United Sudan, under freedom and democracy.


Commissioned Committee By The Arab Alliance; Represented By:

1-     Mr. Abdalla Ali Massar. 2- Sharif Ali Gigir 3- Ebrahim Yagoub 4- Hussien Hassan Albasha 5- Hamid Bieto. 6- Mr. Taj-Eldin Ahmad Hilu 7- Ayoub Balol. 8- Mahamad Khof Alsanahi. 9- Nazir/ Alhadi Eysa Dabaka. 10- Mr. Altyeb Abu-shama. 11- Sandaka Daoud. 12- Haroun Ali Eissa. 13- Seliman Gabir Abkar. 14- Nazir/ Mahamad Yagoub Alumda. 15- Mr. Zakaria Ibrahim Abu Alhabu. 16- Mahamad Zakaria Dldum. 17- Dr. Omar Abdulgabar. 18- Mr. Abdulla Yahya. 19- Hamid Mahamad Khiralla. 20- Abdulrhman Ali Abdulnabi. 21- Mahamad Shahata Ahmad. 22- Abubakar Abu Amin 23- Gabir Ahmad Rabih.



Mr/ President of the State Council.

Dr/ Ali Hassan Taj-Eldin member of the Council.

Mr./ Members of Darfur in the Parliament.

Governor of Darfur region.

Deputy Governor of Darfur

Chairman of Umma Party (Elfashir, Nyala and Elginyna).

Chairman of Democratic Union Party (Elfashir, Nyala and Elginyna).

Chairman of National Islamic Front (Elfashir, Nyala and Elginyna).