In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful





God says “Mankind! We have created you from a male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you with Allah is that who has At-Taqwa”



We have been living and following problems of Darfur States generally and Southern Darfur in particular with great pain and sorrow, interacting with different efforts that had been, and still to stop elements of securities threatening, from arm rubbery, tribal conflicts on originally rare resources. Whether these were popular or official, through conferences or meetings that were held at various levels, but with the arrival of year 2003, we were surprised like everybody that things completely changed, that there are military movements established by some tribes in great Darfur calling for the liberation of Darfur at a time and liberation Sudan in another, they raised slogans of Darfur Liberation Army (DLA) and Sudan Liberation Army (SLA), other slogans appeared such as (MFZ) which symbolized names of the tribes leading rebellion in the state by its initials, due to that major towns of the great state such as Elfashir, Kutom, Malit and Tina were exposed to betrayal invention, resulted in the death of many victims from the State who were working in the military force, unarmed civilians and other armed forces, peoples possessions were destroyed among them airplanes, weapons stores and great amount of money were looted, these people has spread scares and fears among populations, they terrify secured populations, these were an extensions to what had happen at Golo, Tor and Deribat which assured the link between these groups and unification of their leadership. By thinking objectively and investigating sequences of events from reality of issued memorandums from mass media, by these tribal groups, it became clear that what was meant was not a request for uplifting of injustice, but it is liberation of Darfur from Arabs elements and whoever allied with them, in order to disintegrate the Islamic and Arabic State in Sudan, according to their representatives in their meeting with Ambassadors of Westerns Countries in Nyala at the Martyr Khalifa Abdall on Monday December 1, 2003, and what became clear from resolutions of Nrtite Conference and the visions of Fur leaders to events of the great Darfur in their meetings in Khartoum.

Therefore these rebellion groups are seeking the help of foreigners, when they ask they were given weapons, money and moral supports, what their representative London had said to the BBC proved these.

Till it becomes clear to all, the groups of Arabs Tribes in Great Darfur and Southern Darfur in particular never and will never meet to remove any, our objectives are represented in supporting all official and popular efforts in spreading security and peace and to achieve developments to Sudanese people in Darfur, our means for that are:



                        1- Armed rubbery.

                        2- Tribal conflicts.

3- Tribal fanaticism, realizing God saying “and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another”.

4- Recognizing that, the power should be fulfill through consultative, parties fanaticism and civil society organizations, not on tribal or regional bases.

5- To support the official efforts, locally and nationally in achieving balanced developments for Darfur.

6- To extend brotherhood with brother neighbor Chad, emphasizing to the eternal relations that have specialization, where both Chad and Sudan are natural depth and extension for each other.


For these we declare to people of Darfur in particular, and to Sudanese in general that there is no Arabic Alliance against any individual or group, rather it is to unit the group to protect it against any corruptions.

By this we call those who are enslaved by limited parties, gusted tribalism and enclosed regionalism to fear God for their population and country, and never to trade wit Darfur cause.


To those who are given chance to address Muslims at the Mosque platform, also to fear God in talking nation and country problems in neutrality and fairness. We asked where they were when Alfashir was strikes, airplanes were destroyed, and innocent souls were killed in Kutom, Malit, Tina, Golu, Tour and Deribat.

We extend white hands for peace in according to God says mentioned in the start of this memorandum, we announced that we would support any good person within the state and Sudan in general in support for call of right and faith, for security, peace and spread justice and peaceful coexistence in order that the state and Sudan in general could emerge from tribal enslavement fanatics, rebellion and  to prevent Sudan from getting out of Islamic state which allowed citizenship the bases for getting rights and carry out duty, not to submit, slavish and crying in the face of enemies of the nation and Islam, rather we are working for honor and dignity of Darfur in match with different sectors of local, national and international society, appealing for security, peace, development and respecting human rights that have been endorsed by God when he said “We honor Adam sons”.


You people of Darfur, come to truth word, to build society of unity, brotherhood, development, and prosperities for the sake of our coming generations, by God will.


To another encounter, by God will to disclose the historical identity

Information of the political committee