In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful






Date: November 15, 2003

Subject: Report of the mentioned committee to localities of:

Buram – Tulus - Rehid Alberdi – Ed Alfursan.


The Committee traveled to Buram on Monday November 10, 2003 at five o’clock, in the evening, where it arrived at ten o’clock in the same night.  It started its work by meeting leaders, heads of native administration, politicians, executives and important personalities.


After explaining the purpose of the visit and idea behind that, then audience were given chance for questions, comments and to express their idea and suggestions.  They express their jubilations and full supports to the speech of the committee, although these ideas came a bit late.


The meeting was intervened by questions and inquiries about ambiguity in the idea, the committee explained and replied all questions.


Some important recommendations by attendance are:-

1.               The idea should strongly be supported so that the work should emerge with great perfect ness.

2.               To seek different help from scientists, thinkers and economists.

3.               To ensure equal distribution for chances in wealth, locally and nationally, particularly the prospective peace.

4.               To urgently reconcile Arabic tribes.

5.               To tackle the cause in context of religion, Sharia and generosity of Islam.

6.               To generalize the idea all over Sudan.

7.               To change the name of the state to a suitable name.

8.               Necessity of information, documentation and research.

9.               After the recommendations, brother/Omar Ali Alagali, agent of the Alnazir (Paramount Chief) was chosen as coordinator for Buram town, to link between population in the area and the coordinating council.

10.            After that, conference secretary general in the town was instructed to tour the area to collect signatures from members of the state consultation body and send it to Nyala as soon as possible.

11.            At the end of the meeting a bond was carried out by taking oath from attendance to work closely, then articles of the unified idea was explained. In the following day the committee visited Alnazir (Paramount chief) Slah Ali, then it visited Alnazir (Paramount Chief) Salah Ali Algali the following day, it explained to him articles of the idea, he supported them, the committee then visited presidency commissioner in his house, then the town commissioner who welcomed the idea and gave his full support.

12.            The committee asked brother / the commissioner to support and help the secretary general of the conference in collecting signatures and to facilitate travels for members of consultation council to the headquarter of the state whenever they are called.


On Tuesday November 11, 2003, the committee travelled to Tolos town, after arriving it met head of native administrative, politicians and executives.


Brother the commissioner speaks, thanking the coordinating council through the represented committee, he showed the danger of the situation and the necessity for unity, then he introduced the committee to the attendance.


After full explanations, debates and discussions, recommendations were given as follows:-


1.               The gather supported ideas of unity, and to work to achieve it.

2.               To establish a committee for information.

3.               Necessity that unity should have depth in the Republic of Chad.

4.               There should be activity among university students to consolidate and spread these concepts.

5.               To open graze land.

6.               To perceive and arrange executive and political works.

7.               To secure relation with central government.

8.               To prepare a common defensive plan with the clans.

9.               To care and made good plan for economical situation to protect this unity.

10.            To activate and promote the native administrative.

11.            To prepare a clear constitution or political system for this work.

12.            Total secrecy.


After that, Alumda (Mayer)/Yousif Omar Khatrir was selected as coordinator for Tolus Locality, then the secretary general of the conference was asked to collect signatures from members of state consultation and send them as soon as possible, the commissioner was also asked to transport members to Nyala when requested.


At the end the bond was done for the success and protection of this unity, the committee then met Alnazir (Paramount Chief) Ahmad Alsamani Albashir Ali, it explained to him articles of the ideas which he supported and recommended the follow:-


The necessary of bringing Arabs leaders in a meeting, to secure the ideas, and work to fulfill it and transform it into reality.

The necessity to activate Mr./Madibo to mobilize native administrative leaders so they can put more attention in this stand.


At noon of Wednesday November 12, 2003, the committe moved towards Rehad Alberdi Locality, in arriving it met leaders of native administrative, politicians and important figures.

The issue was explained to the audience who fully supported it, they blessed it, conformed their readiness for unity and to defend and take care of it.  Then they put the following recommendations:-

1.               To declare this unity publicly without fear, as long as it is for a noble cause.

2.               To keep information in secret in all internal procedures.

3.               To clearly specify a name for this unity.

4.               To specify a clear slog for this unity and work to fulfill it.

5.               To change form defensive stand to assault, by ideas and initiatives, so as to repeal allegations, lies and rumors.

6.               To be patient and careful studying to secure the procedures.

7.               To be clean in dealing with others.

8.               To work for dismissal and release of popular police administrative from their work, because they were involved in many violations (to review securities organs).

9.               To present clear economic studied plan that can support this work.

10.            Totally control of power in Southern Darfur, based on mechanical majority.

11.            To work for changing the name of the state to other name.

12.            To review issue of releasing from public sector with Khartoum in different sectors.

13.            To encourage clans to enter military, army and police colleges.


After the bond brother / Yousif Mohamad Yousif was selected to be the local coordinator, the Secretary General of the conference was asked to collect signatures from members of consultation body and send it to Nyala.  We would like to mention that, the meeting combined all families and clans at Rehad Elberdi particularly the Salamt.


On Thursday November 13, 2003 the Committee left for locality of Ed. Al-Fursan, where in that evening it met leaders of native administrative, politicians and important figures.  After explaining objectives of the journey, the chance was given for debates and questions, during which the attendance confirmed their supports for unity, they crowned that by the following recommendations:-

1.               Formation of special committee for information, it should be naming a “committee of information and research”.

2.               To preserve these principles and concepts and develop them.

3.               To protect politicians and executives of any clan and on different levels.

4.               To change the name of Darfur State to a more logical name.

5.               To bind social links between Arabs, and to exchange visits among them.

6.               To lay bases for strong and clear economical objectives.

7.               To declare the Arab work publicly, without fear.

8.               To organize the Janjaweed to do good works and prevent any danger.

9.               Complete obedience to Arab leadership particularly the coordinating council.

10.            To work for arbitration, and to solve problems between population of great states, and from all races in order to win others.

11.            To put more attention on external trade particularly the border trade.

12.            To keep information in secrecy.

13.            To adopt universities students and researchers.

14.            To use any means to recruit graduates in government departments and establishments.

15.            To correct administrative and executive situations in the state and to empower native administrative on all levels.

16.            To review the organized migration to Goz Dongo and the approved water projects under the name of Ed Alfursan that been changed to other parts.

17.            To adjust the organized migration to Nyala and study it.


After recommendations, the attendance bond to support and protect the unity, where brother/Dabaka Issa Dabaka was selected coordinator of the locality for the coordinating council.  The secretary general of the conference was asked to collect signatures from members of the consultation body and send it to Nyala.



1.               In general the ideas got acceptance and support from all.

2.               All popular, political and executive leaders were shown the fill perspectives; they show willingness to move at any indication.

3.               The majority raise slogan to change the name of the state.

4.               All call for the necessity to establish specific committee for information and research.

5.               To lay and present clear economical plan and to urgently execute it so that it can support the procession with strength.

6.               Members of the state consultation body were totally mobilized to call for extraordinary meeting of the body, by collecting member’s signatures.

7.               Complete cooperation of commissioners with secretary general of the conference at localities to collect signatures and to transport members to the capital of the state when the conference is announced.

8.               To review some leaders and administrations in public sectors in the state, and to change whoever could be changed.

9.               Secrecy of important information for security of the procession.

10.            Establishment of special system for information.

11.            To solve Arabs conflicts rapidly, for Arabic unity.

12.            Totally control power in the state, in accordance with total majority of this entity.

13.            The necessity of works inside Chad, and to support Arabs their, to ensure stability in this state.

14.            To control and organize border trade in western front generally.


The committee within the social work covered and condole some families, expressing their condolence, among them the family of Martyr Bin Omar Idriss, family of Abdulrhman Hamad Alla, family of Idriss Abdulmula and some families in Rehed-Albardi and Ed-Alfursan.

The committee also visited some shickh of sofi sects and Quranic schools, the last was the Quranic school “the known for God” in western Nyala where they pray Friday prayer.


In the end we would like to draw the attention of everybody that the committee tours these bases explaining to it the importance of unity and the danger of present period.  The bases express complete readiness to adopt this issue, although they warned coordinating council of inactive and to slacken, that they don’t know semi solutions, that they don’t accept excuses, that all of them will strongly committed towards this issue with seriousness, courageous, speed and perfection.


This, and with God the success.


The political committee