In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

God says “Say OAllah! Possessor of the kingdom, You give the kingdom to whom You will, and You endue with honour whom You will, and You humiliate whom You will. In your hand is the good. You are able to do all things”


The subject – Quraish (2)   [Top Secret]      [Original Document]

We tackled in Qurish (1) the birth of new Qurish with some programs, now the country is undergoing some development with recent political events that has internal and external dimensions required a need to remind about our goals and to review our plans, consolidating what has been achieved in order to fulfill your noble objectives.

As you know, the three tribes of Al-Galieen, Al-Danagla and Al-Shaigea became obstacles between us to rule Sudan for a period of a century, and whatever pretext they undertake such as pretending to be Arabism, but they are crossbreed that became a race and culture a part of the interwoven Nubbin-Egyptian, and this group will cling on power forever, where it recently reached us that, these three tribes took oath that the power should continually be circulated among them.

Quraish is passing through crucial period, it is required from all particularly the Traifians ”tribal clan” to overcome ideological and sectarian associations for sack of achieving mortal cause and preserving achievements that have been fulfilled, and the need for continual works to achieve goals we see through commitment by the following:-

A-             The general deadline 2020 on maximum limit.

B-              The goal is Quraish (2).

C-              The present phase: the six regions of the western.

D-             Planes, programs and means.



1- Special emphasis on education quality and quantity and to prepare highly skill group in different sectors, political economical, information, security and military.

1.               Establishing economic institutions.

2.               To join the army and security organs in great numbers with great consciousness.

3.               To continue pretending corporation with present authority as planned.

4.               To preserve present working relations with some major personalities from the ruling tri-tribes.

5.               To coordinate with relative tribes in the east and centre.

6.               To emphasize the importance of border tribes, and to incite the state for more supports, armaments and training [popular defense, Mujahdeens, peace troops].

7.               To incite able relatives to join peace troops.

8.               To keep contact with the Dinka tribe.

9.               Total commitment with articles of Shahin operation for South Kurdufan.

10.            To contain sing of sedition between Nohud and Fula, and to call our people in countryside to avoid internal conflicts that consumed energies.

11.            Never to raise the petroleum issue before extracting it.

12.            To contain events at Nyala and its consequences, and to work to release the riders.

13.            To secure enough pastures for nomadic in Sudan, Chad and Central African Republic.

14.            To fight customs related to possession of land [Hawakir, Dyar etc] by all means.

15.            To focus on our national role in fighting no-Arabic tribes in the west as a natural extension for the rebellion.

16.            To increase the confidence gap between central government and non-Arabic tribes, by pushing selected leaders of blacks to be more extreme in expressing the injustice in west, and to comply with them consciously in expos of racism and regionalism.

17.            To get more constitutional post in the centre and states.

18.            To preserve achievements of Jamos program for western Darfur with its calculated consequences.

19.            Ali Al-Turafi (2) and Turaiti (3) to continue the work for empowerment of Qurashians in Darfur.

20.            Preparation for state elections in the six states.

21.            To behave with great disciplines and to avoid bad manners like talking about the state of Baggara.

22.            The leaders should take more care about positive in formations.

23.            Top leaders of Quraish should stay in the national congress 3 among Qurish 3 on decision making, according to the situation.



1.               To strengthen coordination and consultation with Quraishians in neighbor countries.

2.               To develop strategic understanding with Libya according to the plans of [Bagalani Asil and Sheikh Ibn Omar].

3.               To develop camel race, and use it and strengthen relations with brothers in Gulf States.

With God the success

God says “And We wished to do a favour to those who were weak (and oppressed) in the land, and to make them rulers and to make them the inheritors * And to establish them in the land, and We let Firáun (Pharaoh) and Haman and their hosts receive from them that which they feared”.