Subject: Top Secret


To Mr………….

The Executive Committee of the Arab Alliance met, to evaluate activities of its members in different sectors and to study the situation after appointments of regional government ministers from blacks. We reached an idea that, our prestigious present state in Darfur was achieved through struggle, determination and solidarity, and that the present stage is critical and very difficult for most people, and need particular men, and to fulfill the goals of the Alliance, the executive committee decided the following:-


Committed members of the Alliance who took oath should

1.               To Create troubles to the regional government so as to disturb by using different available means not to allow them executing their policies and reform programs.

2.               To work for the cripple of services departments in the area of blacks, and destabilize citizen, causing them to feel that the government is weak and unable to provide their minimum requirements.

3.               Increase volunteers in black area, because it is our duty not allowing security to prevail their, and to stop production in these area, and to eliminate their leaders.

4.               To create conflicts between black tribes to ensure their disunity.

5.               Members of the Alliance who occupying leading post, should be committed with the following:-

a)                Concentrating services in area influenced by alliance members as possible.

b)                Never to appoint blacks in important jobs, and to put obstacles for those occupying administrative and executive posts, as situation may allowed.

c)                To work with all possible means to stop stability in schools in black’s area.

Top Secret, 1988