We the tribe of Massaleit in the extreme part of Western Sudan, currently we are under extermination and displacement by the Salvation regime and the Arab Alliance in Sudan.

We are calling the international human consciousness to stand with us in order to save our lives, the live of Massaleit Children, aged Massaleit and women of Massaleit.

We didn’t carry guns against the government, all our money were looted, we don’t have men because they were killed and exterminated in their villages, while defending themselves by spears, knifes and sticks.

We are calling all international humanitarian organizations to support us and save us from exterminations, looting of our land and displacement by the Arabic elements and the present Salvation regime.


To all International humanitarian organizations, do you here us and sympathized with us??


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful




New burned babies were stabbed by spear head, and then thrown into burning fire or boiling water, old people who can’t run away are massacres. Women and children were killed, and then women were rapped in cases to be shamed by humanities, and then came the cases of burning of villages, looting of money and souls. All these witness by instruments of the ruling system, even military airplanes of the regime is doing that, this is what is happening in Dar Massaleit, now it’s empty from population, after forcibly displaced; leaving their homes, their looted villages emptied from whatever possessions they have in life.

Then what after:




Dar Massaleit is the home of Massaleit tribe, it was named Dar (home) for that reason,  the reason why Dar-Fur, Dar-Al-Rizigat, Dar-Al-Shaigia and Dar-Al-Gaalien was named. This Dar is situated in the western part of Sudan, in the strip boundary to the Republic of Chad. Dar Massaleit have specialty in Sudanese history, because it was the last independent Sultanate recognized under the British and Egyptian coundulant rule in accordance with Glani agreement in1919, that it do have the right to have its own specialization.

Massaleit represents the majority of population in Dar Massaleit, in addition to the existence of other original African tribes, such as Al-Dago, Al-Bargu, Al-Barnu, Al-Aringa, Al-Jabal and Al-Sigar, in addition to some settled semi Arabic tribes such as Al-Mahadi, Al-Druk, Al-Hawta, Al-Turgum and Al-Atwria, they have their own land in Dar Massaleit. The nomadic Arabs, arrived in late fifties of twenties century immigrated and displaced from the Republic of Chad, they are travelers they don’t have decisions or land. These problems arise and Massaleit doesn’t have any role in it, in fact they were victims to racial greed and racial attitudes related with passion for power.




Dar Massaleit is situated between Wady Atom (valley) and the eastern international boundary of the Republic of Chad, it occupy the area between latitudes 12o 15 and 13o 30, in the north it is boundary with Northern Darfur State and in the South at the meeting Wadi Kaga and Azom, with an area estimated by seven thousand square kilometer .




It composed primarily from the Massaleit representing 60% and tribes of

Al-Aringa, Al-Sigar, Al-Owra, Al-Sngar, Al-Dago, Al-Barnu, Al-Bargu, and people of Al-Jabal Moun, and they represents 25% then the semi Arabic tribes locally known as Arab Kozi who represents 5%, then the rest of different tribes living inside Al-Ginyna town they represents 3%. Migrants Arabs, they have no place because they wonder all along, they practice the hiding game to avoid taxation and citizenship obligations in the two countries, you find them registered in Sudan while sometimes fleeing into Chad, whenever the state becomes strong, these migrants are the Abala (camel pastures), they are Shataya, Awlad-Zaid, Mahria, Awlad-Janub, Awlad-Tako, Awlad-Marmy and Shigirat they represents 2% all of whom came migrating from Chad after the fifties of the twenties century. Thus of Mahamid, Erigat and Al-Galul they were in Northern Darfur for very long time, they used to come to Dar Massaleit for pastures and water, this is the demographical structure, composing social structure in Dar Massaleit in Western Darfur State.




The native administrative in Dar Massaleit consist of the following:

Sultan: He is at the top of the pyramid. (Sultan for whoever in Dar Massaleit, Aficans and Arabs, settled or migrants)



Al-Farsha: A name used by Massaleit and African tribes in the area.



Al-Omda: Arab tribes.

Al-Sheikh: Is the one directing the civilian in the village or the group, this for African tribes and Kozi Arabs.

For migrant Arabs, they have Sheikh then Omad then linked with Sultan, any Farsh and Omad in Arabs are appointed by the Sultan and release them whenever he thought so.

The power of Farsha or Omda are based on earthly and the possession of land, this imply on African tribes and Kozi Arabs.

For the migrant Arabs, the power of Omda and Sheikh are based on individual person within the migrant tribe, because these tribes doesn’t have land, property or home specified for them.




  Massaleit tribe is considered one of the most peaceful tribes, with willingness to coexist and to welcome new comers, the prove is that, they accommodated the Gimir in Gimaza and Saraf Omra area, the Tama along Wadi Bary in Gndrni, Um-Shala and Sala and others, different types and clans of migrant Arabs of cattle and camels who migrated from Chad and entered Dar Massaleit, the society of Al-Ginyna town which is capital of Dar Massaleit contained different tribal entities, like Al-Galaba and different small tribes.

Dar Massaleit was an example in social coexistence; Sultan of Dar Massaleit was the wise man and Chairman mediator for tribal resolutions conflicts, particularly in Darfur and Sudan in general, everyone was bounded with the traditions, costumes, and strictness of good social behaviors, which makes Dar Massaleit an attractive society, the Massaleit peaceful society never felt bad till the coming of the Salvation system in the Sudan.





Different hypothesis, theories and descriptions which tried tackling problems of Dar Massaleit had failed, the prove was the various reconciliation conferences held in Dar Massaleit between the Massaleit and the Arabs to contain the problem, but the catastrophe is increasing dramatically. No body can believe us when we say that the ruling regime in the Sudan is the one behind all the killing, destructions, burning, bombardments, civilians’ displacements and migrations.

How is that?

These were represented in two sectors, they are:






The present salvation regime in Sudan came to power by a military coup d’etat, toppling firmly big and deep rooted parties in the Sudanese society, with many group of supporters, the system thought to disintegrate the bases groups with tribal structures to win their supports, this had started in Western Kurdufan, where the native administrative (Nzarat) of Arabs Missyrya and Hawazma were dismantled into several small independent emirates, since these change never tackle the core issue of land or Dar, the decree has pass with small oppositions. In Dar Massaleit, the issue was completely different, due to the difference in the administrative environments, the system tried to change the administrative structure completely, breaching different customs and traditions known to the populations, which they were binding to, till it becomes safety gauges for their life.


The first governor of western Darfur state, Mahamad Ahmad Fadul issued a decree in 1994 changing the native administrative system in Dar Massaleit, with a new in which he changed principles and rules for selecting the Sultan based on inheritance, to a process where Sultan to be selected through free election by the Omad and Farsh, that the traditional names for leaders of the native administrative in the area should be abolished by changing the administration structure. That was a good phenomenon it is required, but the hidden agenda and the wicked objectives were behind that project, they thought the administration structure should be changed in the following manner:

The Sultan is renamed to Emir Al-Umara.




Emir, each Emir is allocated with limited geographical area.




Omda or Farsha




Sheikh or Village or group


 The problems started with the name of Emir, then escalated, where it is well known that name of Emir meant Sultan (Sultan of Dar Massaleit, his successor or his crown Sultan), and no any person in the administration post named Emir. Therefore bringing this name without any post, where there become many Emir, even persons who never been Sheikh or Omda were named Emir, people felt Sultan status was humiliated, also majority of Arabs were appointed Emir who are not from Massaleit so that they could have the majority in electing Sultan for Dar Massaleit whenever the authority thought so, twelve Emir were appointed from non Massaleit, while only six were from Massaleit.

The governor went farther by designating geographical area and land to be under the administration of these Emirs, the aim behind this was well known, that to extract lands from Massaleit and give it to whoever doesn’t have from the Arabs.

After all this the governor took the chance of a visit by the President, and gave him the flags for Amirs, the President handle the flags to the new appointed Emirs, emphasizing endorsement of the high authority and approval for what is happening, and because these occurred without consulting anyone, whether the Sultan or the ruling national congress party, people protested and roar that the Sultan was oppressed, but no response to all these, even some Arabs Omda who were been appointed as Emirs, asked for the abolishment of all these, because they felt these will draw them into catastrophe, they were forced by their relatives who though that the authority is the one which gave them this power, they never asked it, so it is not logic to refuse it, and that it is a chance for control and winning.




The regime alleged that Islam could not be extended inside Africa except through the Arabs, and that there are threats to Arabism, and the Arabic extension and domination is impossible unless be strengthened by ruling elements in these entrance, for these the Arabic elements are the bases and the implementing foundation for this claim. The regime also thought that the non Arabic elements can support the rebels of Sudan People Liberation Army led by Dr. John Garang De Mabur, they put an example of the activist Daud Yahya Bolad who is from the Fur, whom the regime has eliminated in the bushes of Darfur, while trying to deliver weapons to protect his people from racial extermination.

The Arabs have played the main roll in suppressing Daud’s movement, the authority gave Arabs weapons in the range of about hundred (100,000) thousands pieces of weapons, this figure was disclosed by then the governor of Darfur at that period, Altyeb Ibrahim Mahamad Khaier, the government never collected even a piece from them since then.

From then onwards the authority allowed the Arabs to do as much as their wishes, they looted and killed nobody ask them, the government restrained securities organs, it even directed them to assist and protect the aggressive Arabic elements to fulfill their sins objectives.






This sector was started by those who thought that Arab elements should dominate the Africans elements in Sudan, the alliance have worked to integrate with the regime which finally agreed, on the bases that both of them are working to originate and fixed Arabism and to some extend the Islam in Sudan, the alliance moved even to Arab countries, they received enormous amount of money from them, the alliance also succeed in convincing Arab countries about mistake of completely depending on the petroleum because it may finish sooner or latter, and most of them are desert countries, therefore they (the Arabs in Sudan) wants to control so as to extend it inside Africa in order to open the door in future for the Arabs investors to come to invest and live in Africa, these ideas convinced Arab countries, forming new insights, duly they give the Arabic alliance whatever their financial requirements needs.

For these there are many examples …

In Darfur forces were established, named the Janjaweed with the same duty of the peace forces in the south, in order to prevent any attack against the government, since there is no rebellion in Darfur the Janjaweed play the roll, apparently they were accused as an outlawed bandage group composed from different tribes, but secretly and practically they are under the sponsorship and protection of the government through the security organs. Therefore the government and the Arab alliance met in the objective of break up and eliminating Africans elements and to control their land and power, it is mentioned in the comprehensive national strategic 1992-2002 first volume, under the strategic of population: Redistribution of population in a way that can achieve developments and strengthening the national security, therefore the results of meeting and brotherhood between the regime and the Arab Alliance, that they carried out the following eliminations:


1-      General extermination, burning and earth scorching of African elements.

2-      Possession and resettlement of Arabs element on these lands.

3-      In order to cover and protect the Arabs, the regime did the following:

a.       Officially it armed the Janjaweed, recognizing them as a regular force, so that no body can opposed their deeds or accused or think to trail them for their crimes.

b.      Commitments of the armed force and securities organs to accept any requests by the Arab alliance and the Janjaweed forces, by supporting them in operations such of killing, burning and looting. They are protected by these governmental organs till they return to their bases, carrying their booted items.

c.       The use of military airplane from nearby Arabs countries to strike African elements, in their villages assuming that they are rebels.

d.      Armament of all Arab tribes in Darfur, the issuing of identities cards carrying details of the peace force, latter they were re-named to the Boundaries Intelligence, and official files were opened for them. By these power possessed by Janjaweed, they kill whoever they wants, they looted whoever they wants, nobody asked their deeds, because they become everything.




-          Extermination and displacements after looting belongs and burning homes.

-          Forcibly displaced them to neighbor countries.

-          Displaced to big cities, where they are living in bad conditions, where they are subjecting aggressions from Arabs.




 Yeas it was possible to prevent it, if the regime was not involved. When security disturbances occurred in Dar Massaleit, due to issue of Emirs and many people were killed, everywhere was burning, the authority could have issued decree canceling that catastrophe, as long as it can stop this catastrophe and disaster, if the decision meant for the benefit of citizen, how many decrees were issued by states and the centre, then cancelled by the President of the Republic (Sinar and Northern Darfur), but this one is protected by the regime, for this till now this governor who did all that is keep saying loudly that “he found a calm pool and throw stone on it, it then moved”, for this the regime rewarded him on this roll, now he is administrating the criminal activities in Darfur.


Observers are seeing this integration and harmony between Arab alliance and the present regime, and how vision of Arab alliance is executed.


            Did the Arab alliance succeed?? Yes.


● Does the regime succeed?? Yes in creating sedition and flow of blood, killing innocents and displacing people from their lands and fulfilling the strategic target of re-distribution of population and replacing some tribes in specific places.



This is the present situation for the past events, it is struggle of greediness and survival, the criminal desire for power is the main problem behind all these, not the pasture, through pass, nomadic, struggling between farmers and nomad, looting operations by thugs, palaces of securities organs and more which had been said in conferences, all of which are lies and allegations deceptions and camouflages for the criminal objectives.


We the Massaleit our present situations, are expressed in the attached memorandums, containing killing, forcible migration, displacements and elimination of our economical capabilities. Before that we would like to mention, the following evidence:


In 1967, Mr. Hassan Saleh Alshiba, then the inspector of the local government, at Dar Massaleit, wrote a memorandum while handling to his successor Salah Qurashi, “This area have a unique characteristics, which differed from rest of other regions in the republic, at least it doesn’t resemble the ten councils in five different provinces I worked, because it is unique which is due to Sultana of Dar Massaleit, which the British and Egyptian armies won by political and diplomatic agreements not by war, making official treatment with it as if it is a different part from the country or the Republic. This odd situation, is it going to continue for ever, after the independence and British departure or the country law is going to apply upon it, this is the worse problem you are going to face all your time here, it is going to face every national citizen who is jealous for his earth, Sudanese culture and national unity”.


If the previous regimes understand and knows reality of the situation of Dar Massaleit, with impartiality it can solve it through contentment and harmony and strengthening structure of the national unity, the country could have spared these catastrophes, but all these regimes ignored and eye folded intentionally or ignorantly or carelessly, the victims for all these were the citizen of Dar Massaleit. He was stripped from his international law rights, by forcibly attached to Sudan, due to ignorance or foolishness, now the salvation regime is ending this pains by forcing Massaleit together with other brothers from Africans tribes to leave and immigrate from homes, so as to be housed easily as a gain by the Arab elements, and the salvation regime, which secured the starting points for its objectives and aspirations.


For all these, we are calling the whole world to restore our looted rights, and never to let us died by the fire of Janjaweed Arabs knights, neither under bombardments of the regime’s airplanes.


December, 2003